Casualties of Horror – Remote Play starring Vanessa

Vanessa — dressed sexy in high heels, see-through stockings and a tiny minskirt — sneaks into a house holding a gun. She walks into a man sitting on a couch, points the gun at him and tells him to freeze. He seems entirely unimpressed and points a remote control at her. “No!” he exlaims calmly, “why don’t you!” and he physically freezes her with the remote. So, here’s where the scene get’s a little uhhh, creepy? That’s ok, I like creepy. Hope you do too. The guy walks up to her and starts caressing her body. She stares out in horror as she has to endure the groping, his hands running all over her body, through her hair, and he’s sniffing up her scent. He opens up her vest, and gets a nice cup of her titties. They are a nice bunch of titties, but sadly we are not to see them coming out. Aaaanyway, after a while he moves his ass back to his couch, and un-freezes her. She crashes down in the floor in horror. Or pain? Acting is a little ambiguous. She get’s her shit back together tho, and makes a leap for the remote. She almost makes it, but alas, our vilain is a fraction faster. Again frozen, this time she is put down on the couch and the guy caresses her legs, spreads them apart and pleasures her pussy through the stockings and panties. He wakes her back up ands she orgasms wildly. Again regaining her senses soon after, she tries to escape through the door but for a third time is frozen. It will prove to be her last time, dear reader, as her fate takes a turn for the worst. She is taken down to the floor and caressed some more, before being choked to death. She recieves a final kiss before a sad tune plays us out. The end

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