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Bruce and Morgan – Morgan Crawls for Her Treat

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I was so thirsty that day, I would have done anything for his piss. Bruce must have read my mind, because he sure made me work for it! As he walked away from me and repeatedly stopped to piss, I had no choice ...

Bruce and Morgan – Glass Table Games

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How does a very kinky scene - such as drinking piss, eating cum and licking spit - look like from a different perspective? Having found a glass table, we finally got our answer: super hot! You’ll see me drink ...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Breaking In Batgirl – Sarah Brooke & Alura Jenson

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Batgirl hunts down new mob boss Big Bolzini, but she wasn't prepared for his hired muscle: the relentless and ungodly strong Blue Demon. Batgirl is shocked to see the malevolent amazon outside of a prison cell...

The Nina-Bot 2000

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(first minute or so) You are coming in for a therapy session with me but end up getting by me and calling me Master from then on. I then begin easily commanding you to say dirty things such as: "I deservea l...

Captive Chrissy Marie – Chrissy Marie – A Model Slave Meets Her Master

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Chrissy is lying on the floor tied up with a rope gag running through her mouth and connected to the hogtie. The 'photographer' wakes her up and start to untie her, telling her it's shipping day. She tries to ...

Mistress Goldie – Stuck In The Tub (Goldie Blair)

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Goldie goes to run a bath after a good workout but when she goes to put the plug in, she gets her ring caught and finger stuck...She tries to call her husband but he never picks up so she calls your sister's husba...

Primal’s Savage Tales – Mandy Muse – Bound and Broken

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Mandy has been spending extra time in the school's chemistry lab, but not for her studies. As she's heading out, the Professor catches her by surprise. He notices how tightly she's clutching her papers and rips th...

Candle’s Fetish Boxxx – Slave Traders Revenge Part 1

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Some femdom, they punch the guy, stomps on his balls, then some maledom, they show tits

Secret Heroine Films – Starlet-Trinity – Ashley Lane

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Starlet is the last surviving person from her home planet. That is until she discovers the Phantom Zone device that was used to imprison criminals. Starlet decides that she will free Ursa, a “reformed” criminal, i...

Duped By Security and Pole Tied

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Madison is led into a dark basement and has her hands drawn behind her back binding them together behind the pole. As he finishes the ropes he tells her that she's actually right in her suspicions about what he'...

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