SeeHimFuck – Alex Jones Meets the Rim Reaper With Eva Nyx

Male porn legend Alex Jones makes his long-awaited See HIM Fuck debut today, and we just had to pair HIM up with The Rim Reaper herself, Eva Nyx, for this stupendous update! After director Big Lou conducts the interview portion of the program, Alex stands up and strips naked with some assistance from Eva, who just had to take a good long whiff of that big uncut gift. She lubes HIM up and massages his cock as she sniffs and licks each armpit, then has HIM get on all fours for some ball grabbing and buttock squeezing. Eva then smells, sucks, and slobbers on Alex’s socked and bare feet before we get to the ass-eating, where she rims and tongues HIM while Alex is spread-eagle, via a rusty trombone, copping a squat on her face, and with HIM in a reverse piledriver. The two then exchange oral delights, as first Alex goes down on her plump pussy, followed by Eva gagging and drooling on HIM and his stiff prick. Finally, we get to the fucking, where Eva takes ALL of HIM via the Amazon position, a backward piledriver, and missionary until he pulls out and unloads on her freshly fucked cunt.

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