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Robomeats – Foreign-Prison

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Tegan Mohr, Olive, Rock and Jack - Rock and Jack were arrested in a foreign country and guards Tegan and Olive escort them to their cell, Rock and Jack start complaining and demanding they be released or to get th...

BrainWashedTeens – Chrissy Nova

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Chrissy Nova has a brain washed case and masturbation with a toy and suck cock.

Xev Bellringer – Supergirl Becomes Sex Slave

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In the midst of a battle at a local chemical plant, Supergirl is caught-off guard when Lex Luther's evil robots suddenly release a strange, debilitating purple gas. As the gas fills her lungs, Supergirl's powers a...

A Mesmer’s Daughters production – Going Deeper – Carlie (hypnosis)

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How deep would you like to go? Carlie, already knows the answer to that question, because she's been there and back. This is the story of how she was introduced, to the powers of hypnosis, by her college roomma...

Robomeats – Fake Police Time Stop Rilynn Rae

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Phony Police Stop Time Rilynn Rae, Rock and Brock- Rock and Brock are at it again. This time they have bought a cop car and some fake badges, they pick up Rilynn and start accusing her of insane crimes and give ...

KismetVideo – Mercedes Remote Controlled (Part2)

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To fill this out, we have included a very special bonus and something we know you'll enjoy. Our make-up girl, Ashley, became very fascinated by hypnosis and asked our gorgeous enchantress to mesmerize her. Needles...

KismetVideo – Mercedes Remote Controlled (Part1)

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Mercedes is back and she's brought her pendant with her. She dangles the sparkling orb before your eyes and you are inexorably drawn into her world. Her soft, confident voice, will relax your mind and body into ...

MissaX – Mind Stripped

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Includes: Complete control over haughty, goddess-like cocktail waitress (played by Josette Duval), stripper Missa's voice goes under control, then her body, and finally her mind, fucking and creampie for TWO girls...

Robomeats – Anna Tyler – After Hours Maid

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Anna is busy, cleaning Max’s house, in her sexy, French maid outfit. Is she trying to seduce Max? What she doesn’t know is that he has a magical watch that can stop time and her erotic uniform gives him an inspi...

Robomeats – Lesbians, Burglars and Timestopping Perverts

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Olive, Starli, Lumin and Torro Bravo - Olive and Starli are roommates, and they like to have a little fun, borrowing each others clothes and making out on the bed, during one of these such occasions, Torro walks...

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