GirlsGettingSleepy – Macy and Vanessa Knocked Out

Macy and Vanessa Doll Play

Macy is telling her boyfriend about a martial arts nerve pinch she has seen online, where the receiver can be rendered unconscious with one easy technique. She is curious to try it out for herself so tricks her friend Vanessa into sitting down and letting her give her a shoulder rub. But Macy moves her hands to Vanessa’s neck and pinches just the right spot. Vanessa’s eyes roll up and she passes out cold. Macy giggles with delight because now she has a new toy to play with. She narrates while playing with Vanessa’s limp body like a doll. Her socks are removed and her bare feet are played with and shown off. Macy and her boyfriend both play with Vanessa while she’s knocked out cold.

Then Macy’s boyfriend gets an idea – what if he knocks Macy out too? So he lures Macy to the couch and knocks her out with the same neck pinch. Macy’s eyes cross and she’s out cold. Her shoes and socks are removed as well. There are now to helpless, and limp dolls to play with until they eventually wake on their own.

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