CC Productions – Christina Carter’s Tamer II

Tamer II, (full movie) is the second installment in The Tamer series, a fan Written and Executive Produced custom with a great story line produced only the way CC Productions can with exceptional production value. In this installment I.A.D.C Agent, Diana Prince (Christina Carter) is targeted and captured by an International BDSM trafficking ring. Diana is moved to the ring’s processing center where she is rudely introduced to her Tamer, Mistress Cherie (Cherie DeVille). The ring has no knowledge of Diana Prince’s alter ego Wonder Woman. Diana patiently buys her time enduring the humiliation of her Tamer to reveal her true identity and take the ring down. Seizing the moment our super-heroine transforms and quickly disperses with the Tamer. Wonder Woman then sets out to take down the mastermind behind the organization a mutant human with the gift of mind control over woman named Prometheus (Marcus London). Prometheus’s encounter with Wonder Woman is welcomed, as it is his first opportunity to use his power against an Amazonian. The gift holds true and Prometheus controls our super-heroine’s mind and body. Clip Contains: damsel in distress, bag over the head, humiliation, groping, clothing being ripped, torn and cut-off, fingers in mouth, nipple play, nipple claps, girl-girl, super-heroine transformation, magic lasso, mind control, human mannequin, body posing, ring-gag, cock sucking, super-heroine submission, double blowjob, girl-girl-guy, cum in the mouth, cum swallowing, kissing, riding crop, spanking, fingering, pantyhose destruction, masturbation, choking, squirting and more.

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