Chanel Preston, Karma Rx – Hot Oily Fuck

Karma is a bit of a smart ass and loves to talk back. Chanel decides to teach her a lesson. As soon as Karma walks into the room, Chanel grabs her by the hair and forces her to her knees. She drags her to the edge of the pool and bends her over it (lots of of ass shots). Chanel slaps Karma’s arse, who laughs and says she can barely feel it. Annoyed, Chanel grabs her by the hair again and drags her into the pool. Both girls are on their knees, Chanel forces Karma face first into the oil to punish her. She then turns her onto her back and slaps her but Karma just laughs and eggs her on, secretly this is just turning her on. Chanel chokes Karma and slaps her face and her tits but Karma starts to moan, enjoying it. Both girls have become totally soaked in the oil by now, their tight jeans and t-shirts glistening.

After a few more minutes of this, hair pulling, choking, slapping, Chanel is picking up on how horny Karma is. She kisses her, deeply and aggressively and suddenly the girls are all over each other. They remain fully clothed but kiss, rub against each other, hands everywhere, going at it like crazy. Then Chanel grabs Karma and pushes her away, she tells Karma to get out of the pool, to change into a new t-shirt and to wait for her. Chanel leaves the room to change too, leaving Karma who uses the time to do lots of bending over, showing off the wet, oil jeans on her incredible ass.

Chanel comes back into the room, wearing a new t-shirt and a strap on over her still soaking wet jeans. She grabs Karma aggressively and pushes her to the ground, then rips open her jeans to expose her pussy. From behind, Chanel grabs Karma’s pigtails and fucks her hard and deep with the strap on, through the hole in the jeans. The girls then get back in the pool, rolling around as Chanel fucks Karma in all sorts of positions. Karma keeps yelling at her, encouraging her to fuck her harder and harder. They keep going until Karma cums, squirting everywhere.

Chanel then demands that they get out of the pool and swap. Both girls change into a new t-shirt and this time Karma puts the strap on over her jeans, rips a hole in Chanel’s jeans and fucks her. At first she is shy but Chanel tells her what to do. The girls get back in the pool and Karma obeys Chanel’s commands to fuck her in lots of different positions until she cums.

Chanel reveals a stash of dildos and the girls proceed to use them liberally on each other. Still both wearing their t-shirts and jeans, although the jeans will be quite torn up by this stage. The girls then start to fuck each other, going down on each other, using the dildos, the works. Chanel is still dominant and rough, pushing Karma the whole way. They keep going until they both cum again and finally are exhausted.

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