Today I went to the gym then I came home and made the first part of this video and went into great detail on what the trainer at the gym that YOU pay for does to me after every workout. I showered and changed into the tightest pair of jeans that I own, a g-string beneath, a sexy top and of course some CFM heels. I left the house to go replace my broken cell phone and then afterwards get my car detailed and then I came home and made the second part of my video and explained in great detail how I was able to get a “free phone” and my car detailed at no cost as well. I had to shower AGAIN because there is no way I was going out without showering after literally having every hole filled with cum. I changed into your favorite skin tight dress, a g-string and of course your favorite pair of CFM heels. I left the house again to meet my girlfriends for a few drinks at our favorite club then I came home to make the last and third part of the video. You can watch this video diary of my day as the bartender that served my girlfriends and I drinks collects his tab in another way, that’s right, he is here in our bedroom with me right now doing to me everything that I tell you in the video I want done to me. I hope you enjoy your detailed video of what your beautiful wife’s day consists of.

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