Danica Dillion - Little Sister Danica FULL
Dirty Laundry: Danica finds brother Kevin sniffing her panties and blackmails him for a trip to Mexico. But she lefts him sniff her panties, then her pussy, and then she sits on his face. Scene finishes with her riding him cowboy, and she gets on all fours and he cums ( but we don’t get to see that, bastards!)

Help Wanted: Kevin takes Viagra but his date bails on him. In exchange for Godfather type “One day I will come to you and ask for a service” future promise, Danica blows him, rides him cowboy style, and then gets on all fours before she gets on her knees and finishes him off in her mouth. Nice shot of cum on her lips and chest before they go to the next scene.

My Sister fucked Me: Danica sneaks into Kevin’s room and ties him up. She explains that since her bf isn’t giving her any, he will. She starts by blowing him. Then then gets naked and gages him. She blows him for a couple seconds and then puts a condom on his dick. She then rides him cowgirl, and then reverse cowgirl til she finishes. Then she takes the condom off and dumps the contents on Kevin’s face, and leaving him tied up.

Which leads us to:

I fucked my Sister: Since turnabout is fair play, Kevin sneaks into Danica’s room and ties HER up. He then starts fucking her missionary, followed by a not particularly successful attempt at doggystyle since he’s shite at tying ropes. Eventually her gets the hang of it and finishes. He then flips her over, removes the condom and dumps the contents on her face and into her mouth.

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