Dixie Comet and Caroline Pierce - Eating Prey

Dixie was hoping that the girl she was flirting with with the amazing ass would invite her up for a nightcap. Waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on her prey, it happens when Caroline goes to get her new a friend a cocktail. Dixie grabs her from behind and chokes her out. Dixie plays with her new limp pet as she sleeps, she gropes her tits and huge ass, get her wrists and ankles tied with rope and shoves a pair of panties in her mouth to gag her…now the real fun can begin.

Dixie pulls Caroline’s thong out of her crack and to the side and feverishly licks Caroline’s butthole, leaving no crack unlicked. Once Caroline starts to come around, Dixie acts fast and doesn’t let her cum. She gets her on her knees and adds rope to her chest. Dixie ungags her and then plops her pussy onto Caroline’s face and rides her tongue until she is moaning from orgasm. Dixie regags Caroline and gets her into a hogite on the rug. Fortunate for Caroline, Dixie just wanted to eat that tasty booty and leave her alone all tied up

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