Dixieland Fetish – Cunt Busting Cat Fight

Dixie is really tired of Carissa never pulling her share of paying when going out to eat, not to mention some house bills she has been late on. The girls get into a heated argument that goes full throttle when Carissa pulls a low blow and kicks Dixie right in the crotch. This drops poor Dixie to the couch were Carissa repeatedly knees her in the groin. Soon Dixie manages to pull a swift move of her own and just like that Carissa’s pussy has been punched and kicked as well! The girls go back and forth beating each other’s cunts with kicks, punches and even a head butt! Soon, Dixie wins the Battle and Carissa begs to pay her share, but Dixie has other plans! Carissa is also going to have to get strap-on fucked to get out of this one!”

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