Dixieland Fetish – Sleepy Lesbian Predator feat. Dixie Comet & Kimberly Kane

Kimberly finishes showering and dries off in her bedroom, getting ready to get dressed. Little does she know that there is a Lesbian Predator hiding in her closet and spying on her. The girl-creep has an apparatus in her bag with a tank of sleepy gas attached to a breathing mask and she uses it to sneak up behind Kimberly and render her unresponsive. She lays her down on the bed and gropes and plays with her limp body while slipping her out of her pajamas and undressing herself. She kisses up and down Kimberly’s body and licks her nipples before sliding down between her legs and licking her pussy. Finally she puts a dildo gag in he slack mouth and sucks it to get it wet so she can mount it and fuck her face until she gives herself an orgasm. By this time, Kimberly is starting to wake from her little nap so she uses her mask again to put her back in sleepyland and make her escape.

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