dtwrestling - Christina Carter, Erika - CROPPED SCENE

DTWrestling – Christina Carter, Erika – CROPPED SCENE

Christina Carter is an evil, riding crop wielding bad guy in this campy super spy caper. She has Erika Jordan, the famous American super spy, tied to a chair. Erika is wearing nothing more than a bra and panties. Christina heads to the bedroom to change into something more comfortable before she begins Erika’s torture session. Erika struggles violently with her hand ties until she is free. A clueless Christina is taken by surprise and a scuffle ensues. Eventually, Erika manages to tie up and gag her kidnapper. Erika takes delight in playing with Christina’s ample buttocks. Slowly she pulls Ms. Carter’s panty hose down, making sure to take time to slap and jiggle. Erika pulls out some lipstick and in perfect block letter writes, “BIG ASS BITCH LOSER” on Christina’s butt. Christina’s naked, slapped, and painted ass is left bare and propped up for all of her henchmen to see when they get back.

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