DTWrestling - Francesca Le, Stacy Burke - BARE KNUCKLES ON BARE FLESH
Francesca Le and Stacy Burke are sisters. However, these two sisters are a pair of gossiping, shit talkers. When they hear about the shit they’ve been talking about each other they are irate. Stacy rushes to Fran’s house. They decide to settle this the way their family always does, an oil wrestling match. The ladies fully disrobe and rub oil on their completely nude bodies. Their athletic and tanned forms move together and begin to slug it out. Each woman takes her turn beating the face, breasts, stomach, and crotch of her opponent. Stacy finally has Fran on the ground and bloodied. Ms. Burke pulls her nearly unconscious sister back up to her knees and continues to berate and pummel her sibling. So if you’re a fan of naughty sisters and their bittersweet rivalries, you will absolutely love this entrancing video.

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