Fresh Frozen Females - Dianne Solo Two Mannequin and Other Buttons

Now we point out to Dianne that she has a button on her chin. In the course of trying to explain it she presses it, and slowly is turned into a smiling mannequin, which of course is the trigger we implanted earlier. At first she is a lifeless mannequin and doesn’t respond to questions, but then we train her to be aware of her situation and be barely able to talk about it through her newly plastic lips. She describes how she feels her body stiffening up then goes into her pose, a big smile on her face. Next she is given the urge to fight becoming a mannequin, but of course the underlying trigger wins out. After that she is shown to have a button that turns her off, even if she is in mid-sentence. Finally, she is programmed with a third button that freezes her.

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  • Spaceman jan 3 years ago

    Nice job on the new site…
    Could you consider uploading everyboys fantasy 1 or 2?

  • More of her please? And what is her name and where can i find more of her videos??