Girls Getting Sleepy – Lily’s Sleepy Feet

Lily is on vacation with her dad. Her dad meets up with a woman and takes off for the evening, leaving Lily to entertain herself at the poolside bar. Lily meets a guy at the bar and they start talking. He slips something into her cocktail and Lily quickly becomes so drunk and dizzy she can barely stand. They walk back up to her room and he tries to make a couple moves on Lily. He has a foot fetish and tries to take off Lily’s shoes but he stops him. He waits for the alcohol to kick in and once Lily passes out, he begins to play with her body. He plays with her body like a doll and removes her shoes and socks. He pays special attention to Lily’s bare feet, even kissing and sucking on her toes (showed in third person). Lily stirs awake very briefly a couple of times, but she’s too drunk to stop him, and passes back out. Lily’s limp body is his to play with.

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