Helena Price – Impregnating My Own Mother (Complete Series)

This is the full and complete series of Impregnating My Own Mother, this series stars Helena Price. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Cuckold Impregnating Blowjob Creampie Sex Series

My mom and dad hand been fighting a lot, they both wanted to have another but they had been having problems. i found mom in the kitchen when i got home from school, she looked really upset so i asked her what was wrong. she told me they found out that my dad had a low sperm count and he was interested in paying for medications to help or talking about adoption. so mom was pretty devastated, i brought up the sperm donor option and she said dad wanted the to have his DNA so that wasn’t an option. the mom said something funny, she laughed and said she wished i could be the sperm donor. i laughed too but i said to make her happy i said i would do that. she thanked me for the offer but said no, she told me to go watch tv and she let me know when it was time for diner. a little while later mom called me in to her room and told me she had reconsidered and if i was still interested she would let me be her sperm donor. i told her i was, she then gave me a glass sampler jar and some lube, she told me she needed me to masturbate into the jar and the doctor would check to make sure my sperm count was high enough. i tried masturbating for a little while but for some reason i just couldn’t cum, i covered up with a towel and called for my mom. when she came in i told her the problem, she said if the was gonna work we really needed to get the sample. she offered to help me and i worriedly agreed! i i thought it was gonna be kinda strange but having my mom stroke off into a glass sample jar was fucking awesome! i cant wait till she needs the next sample!

When i got home from school i found my mom sitting on the couch waiting for me. i walked into the living room and mom had a big smile on her face and she told me that she was ovulating. i didn’t know what she was talking about right away but after a second it hit me and i got kind of excited. i started asking questions like, did she need another sample, when were we leaving for the clinic, what else did i need to do to help her. she quickly cut me off laughing at my enthusiasm, she told me that not only could her and dad not afford to go to a clinic and not to mention dad would find out if she could afford it. i was pretty confused at this point and asked what we were gonna do, mom asked me to follow her to her bedroom. once in there mom told me that we were going to have to do it the old fashioned way, before i could register what that meant mom told me to take my pants off. i did as i was told and mom did the same thing, so now we were both standing in my parents room with out any thing covering our genitals. mom told me that she needed me to put my sperm inside of her the natural way. i knew it was wrong, not only was she a married woman but she was also my mother, all those doubts faded away as my dick plunged deep into my moms pussy.

ive been trying to get my mom pregnant behind my dads back and i wont lie, ive been trying real hard! today was the last day mom was gonna be ovulating so she wanted to cum in her one more time to make sure we got her pregnant. i came home from school ready to nut in my mother! i found mom in the kitchen and she was super stressed, were suppose to have a few hours to have sex, even thought the sex with her was really clinical i still loved doing it. she told me that she just got off the phone with my father, she said he was getting off work earlier and would be home soon. i figured that meant no sex for another month but then my mom told me that we would have to hurry! she took me into her room and told me to undress, then she started to undress! like i said before sex with mom had been real clinical, like she pretended she would enjoy it and she would even let me see her boobs! so to see her getting completely naked was a pretty big surprise, she look extra serious and nervous while she was striping. she looked me in the eye and told me that we need a large amount of sperm and i would need to be extra excited to do it. i didn’t really know what she meant and so she went on by saying she was going to stimulate me more then before. she wanted me to let loose an forget she was my mother. i said ok still not getting what she meant until she dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick! having my own mother moan like a bitch in heat and beg me to cum in her really put me over the top! no doubt mom is for sure pregnant now!

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