Helena Price – Mom Makes Son A Champion

Part 1: I’ve go a lot of stress in my life these days, my parents aren’t what you would call rich. i want to go to collage but with my parents not having the money to pay for it my only option is a sports scholarship. im a great football player so that shouldn’t be a huge problem, i keep my grades up and stay out of trouble. the last few weeks i haven’t been playing well and i finally figured out my problem, me and my now ex girlfriend use to have a pregame ritual. since we broke up i haven’t had a girl to help me relax before a game and that’s why ive been playing so badly. before the game my mom found me in the living room thinking about all this, she could tell i was upset and asked what was wrong. i told her everything and she tried to reassured me and said she was sure i would find anther girl to help me relax. i reluctantly agreed but said i still didn’t know what i was gonna do about the game tonight! she thought really hard for a few minutes and then said something that shocked me! she said if i played my ass off then tonight after dad went to bed she would come into my room and reward me. i did know what that meant exactly but holy hell i played like a champion on the field! after the game that night mom came in to my room really quietly and said she was so proud of me. she had a towel and a bottle of lube. she told me to pulled down the blankets and the she proceed to give me the most amazing handjob ever. when we were done she said if i kept playing like this then the rewards would keep coming, until i found a new girlfriend of course, like i was really gonna look that hard anymore! This is part 2 of Mom Makes Son A Champion, it stars Helena Price and is a POV Taboo CFNM Football Sports themed

Part 2: Last week my amazing mother gave me an awesome Handjob after my football game. she did it because my girlfriend had just broken up with me and i needed some motivation to play hard at my game. when we finished she told me to make sure i find another girl to help me, but deep down i only wanted my mom playing with my dick from now on! a week had gone by and i didn’t still hadn’t found a new fuck buddy, before i left for the game i found mom in the kitchen and took a shot! i told mom i hadn’t got a new girlfriend yet and was hoping she could still be mu main motivator. she was pretty annoyed, she wasn’t a fan of sneaking out of her husbands room to jerk off her son but what could she do. her and dad didn’t have money for collage so i needed to play good and get a scholarship. she said she would help me out still and told me that i i scored a touchdown tonight then i would get an eve better reward. i scored two touchdowns at the game that night! mom came into my room later that night and was so happy with how i played. she slowly took off her robe until she was naked next to my bed,she spun around and said i could grab her ass if i wanted to. when i had my fill of play with moms ass she hopped on the bed, pulled down the covers and started jerking me off. she stroked me to a mind blowing orgasm, i cant wait for next weeks motivation! This is part 2 of Mom Makes Son A Champion, it stars Helena Price

Part 3: With moms motivation after my games the last couple of weeks ive been playing better and better, im actaully more excited for after the game then the game itself. i walked into the living room to say goodbye to mom before i left for my game and i saw that aunt coco was there too. i walked in and said hi to them both, i noticed they were both drinking some wine. we made small talk and my mom just blurted out that she told aunt coco about how she was motivating me. i was shocked and aunt coco could see it, to make me feel better she told me that she knew tonight was a big game. she said if i played well then she would join me and mom for our after game festivities! i played a great game and afterwords i was waiting in my room when mom and aunt coco walked in. they were both wearing sexy robes, mom said that dad and went to bed so it was safe to play. they both got naked and gave me an amazing double handjob! the playoffs start next week and i cant wait to see how moms gonna motivate me next!! This is part 3 of Mom Makes Son A Champion, it stars Helena Price and Coco Vandi. this is a Taboo Sports Threesome Handjob Milfs Scene

Part 4: today is the big playoff game and if we win were going to the state championship. i saw mom in the kitchen as i was getting ready to leave, she told me to play hard she would make sure my reward after the game was amazing. we won the game and i was laying in bed afterwords just unwinding when my mom came in wear her sexy robe. she told me dad had went to bed and it was time for my reward. mom took off her robe and was completely naked, she pulled the covers off of me and started sucking my dick. i face fucked my mom with my cuckold of a dad in the next room. i love being a football player! This is part 4 of Mom Makes Son A Champion, it stars Helena Price and is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Football Blowjob scene

Part 5: So today is the day, the day of the state championship game! i found mom in her bathroom before i left for the game. she told me she was so proud of me then she dropped the towel she was wear and stood in front of me naked. she ran her hands down between her legs and told me that was my reward if we won and yo bet your ass we won! that night after the game mom came into my room after my dad had gone to bed. mom sucked me and fucked me like the champion i now i am, mom came all over my cock multiple times! at one point she was screaming so loud i was sure she was gonna wake dad. i ended up cumming inside my beautiful mother the night of the state championship game, my mom truly made me a champion! This is part 5 of Mom Makes Son A Champion, it stars Helena Price and is a Pov Taboo cheating milf sports themed clip

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