Heroine Universe Nylon Fantasies – The Price Of Freedom (Part 3)

Continued from the last episode. Here is the HOT conclusion episode to this custom-commissioned mini series! Find Parts 1 & 2 of “The Price of Freedom” available in my store for more of the story. Patriot Girl (Christina Carter) agreed to spend a week in the custody of the very evil fetishist villainess ‘Angelika’ (Tilly McReese) in exchange to have Angelika release the Governors daughter that she had taken. Patriot Girl had reluctantly agreed to it and be subjected to Angelika’s whims, and thus, over the course of the first 2 episodes, you saw Patriot Girl slowly weakening. Here in Part 3, things finally come to a fateful conclusion. Will Patriot Girl survive her ordeal and never give in to become Angelika’s slave, thus saving the Governors daughter? Or will she cry mercy and lose the wager? Read on and find out!

Picking up where we last left, we find Patriot Girl in an awful predicament. Bound in a kneeling device, ballgagged, and with a chain running from a collar to a pulley system above her, Angelika has an evil plan to finally finish off Patriot Girl and bring her around to her way of thinking. She’ll MAKE Patriot Girl say she wants to be her slave one way or the other. Angelika’s devious device is simple: every time Patriot Girl cums, the chain on the collar pulls a little bit more, putting more pressure on her neck. Soon she’ll be unable to breathe if she doesn’t submit with each passing orgasm! Angelika moves from using a HITACHI on Patriot Girl to TEASE HER PUSSY, and then pulls the ball gag out of her mouth to FORCE HER TO SUCK ON HER BIG DILDO, humiliating the poor superheroine. When Patriot Girl doesn’t submit, the ballgag is shoved back in and she’s TEASED and ORGASMED more with the hitachi! On the second orgasm from the hitachi, the pain of the device becomes too much for Patriot Girl. Exhausted, she finally submits to become Angelika’s slave, and is made to suck the dildo even more.

Much later, Angelika now parades the defeated and humiliated Patriot Girl in front of a camera-viewing audience. She’s making a video where she shows off her latest prize…Patriot Girl! Patriot Girl is now in a HAREM OUTFIT to show her obedience. Angelika makes Patriot Girl DANCE FOR HER, and then CRAWL AROUND THE FLOOR LED BY A CHAIN LEASH like the pet she is. She’s then forced on her knees to SUCK THE DILDO once more, and left on her knees, forever as Angelika’s new pet!

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