HollyRope - I Kidnapped Your Girlfriend - Chloe and Irish
HollyRope – I Kidnapped Your Girlfriend – Chloe and Irish

Chloe is Tommy’s sweet loving girlfriend, she’s also really innocent and naive, something that the bitchy and cruel Irish knows. So taking advantage of Chloe’s naivety, she tricks her and makes her go to an abandoned warehouse 20 miles out town. Once Chloe shows up there, she’s an easy prey for the malevolent Irish, who wants to keep Tommy for herself. Once both girls are alone in the warehouse, Irish ties Chloe in order to keep her there while she goes out with Tommy. Also she stuffs a pair of panties on Chloe’s mouth and tape gags her. Chloe spends hours all tied up and humiliated until Irish gets back from her date with Tommy, but just when she was humiliating the poor Chloe in bondage, Tommy shows up and gives Irish a taste of her own medicine. He ties her with rope and a cleave gag. The two girls are bound and sitting next to each other.

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