HypnosisFetish – Faith Hypnotized

Faith is someone that I know socially, and the session was arranged through a mutual acquaintance. Faith is in to doing sexy things, and doesn’t have a problem with nudity. So she has a vague understanding that she’s going to have a sexy adventure, but apparently isn’t expecting to be hypnotized. Sometimes things work out this way, I’m not too particularly worried or concerned.

I ask her if she’s ever been hypnotized before, and she mentions that she has a bit of a history with people trying to hypnotize her. Once again, this is seldom a problem for me. She tells me that she’s willing to have an experience, and we start the process fresh and new.

I begin the process and she gets very focused. I can see a sort of internalization and a sort of tension within her. We enter the hypnotic process with a progressive relaxation exercise, occasionally planting the seeds of pleasure in the background. Through the process I notice a distance, like I have to reach very deep to get inside of her. She’s not showing much outwardly, but at the same time there’s not contraindications. When I suggest to her that she’s being tickled I get a response out of her, and I use this as an opening.

I give her an attention instruction, followed with a good girl suggestion. I see a trancelike responsiveness from her, so it appears that there is a muting from her internal intensity to her outward expression. I use the tickle command that affects her to bring it out. I alternate between tickles which she responds to, with sexy things which gets muted. I interrupt this process with relaxation and release her arms, which flops loose to the sides.

It appears that the suggestions are getting through, the responses are just being muted. This is not uncommon, many women hide their arousal. I keep laying it on thicker and thicker, suggestions of arousal affecting her between her legs, rendering her otherwise passive.

I suggest to her that 90 percent of all women can experience an orgasm while hypnotized just by having their breast stimulated. I ask her if she’s curious to find out if she’s one of those 90 percent. She nods her head yes, and I add a kinesthetic element to the trance process. I massage her breast rhythmically, suggesting erotic feelings and pleasure. Then I shift gears to the tickles, breaking her self control. I switch back to pleasure and count down to an orgasm. Her response is very quiet and subtle, but it’s there. She feels it and I know that she has felt it.

I begin the process of bringing out her responses. I have her do a count, interrupting it, freezing it, and putting her in to an infinite loop. Triggering more pleasure, and arousal and orgasms. The error condition does the trick and I’m able to trigger more pronounced orgasms.

Still stuck on the number two, I have that occupy her conscious mind while she strips naked. I take control and establish dominance over her with a little bit of silliness. I suggest that she gets louder, and then I give her a tickle butt that she can only get relief from by rubbing her ass against something. Naturally the only thing to rub her ass against is me. I take her through a path of acceptance of my dominance of her and she is now in a sexual context.

I have her play with her boobies, describing how it feels. I ask her what she thinks when she looks in the mirror at her boobs. She tells me that she thinks that she’s “hot as fuck.” I suggest that she’s very horny, and that the attraction that she’s felt other people have towards her, she is now feeling towards me. I place my hand on her chest and ask her how it makes her feel. She tells me that it turns her on. I suggest that when I remove my hand she’ll miss it. She asks for it back, and when I place it back, I enjoy her breasts with both hands.

I trigger the tickles and get her bouncing up and down in a ticklish frenzy until she leaps in to my arms, and I trigger an orgasm. I then set her on the ground and she continues counting to 2 in an infinite loop.

On the floor, she’s relaxed, and her curves look delicious. She’s hypnotize and sexy and focused on my voice. I reinforce the idea that she is completely hypnotized. I then trigger an orgasm, and then have her take off her panties as fast as possible. I change the number 2 that is looping in her mind to the phrase “I’m obedient.” I have her count with “I’m obedient.” When I trigger her orgasms it hits her even harder. I have her spread her legs and she looks good.

I ask her if there’s anywhere I can’t touch her. She nods her head no. I take hold of her, and while she repeats over and over again “I’m obedient,” I trigger incredible pleasure and establish firm dominance. She loudly orgasms. In the middle of all this I suggest that she’s being tickled.

With one hand on her pussy and another hand on her tit, suggesting that she’s being tickled and orgasming all at once I wake her up and she’s in a wonderful mood. She affirms that she’s having an awesome time, and I take her back in to the trance.

I suggest that she play with her pussy, while my hand rubs her breast, and her next orgasm will occur when her lips touch mine. We kiss and I notice her mouth wanting a deeper kiss than the light peck I was offering. I train her to kiss on command.

I bring her back to her feet, standing at attention. While we set things up we take a peek at her feet. Then a look at her ass. She’s counting backwards, relaxing, going deeper, and I explore her body with my hands. As she relaxes I suggest that I make her horny. She quivers in my arms. I alternate between kiss commands and orgasm commands. Then I amplify the kiss command with her wanting to kiss me with her whole body. I loop her on a number while I do these things.

I ask her if she’s ever been spanked for pleasure before. She answers yes. I suggest that my light spanking will feel very intense. I then lightly spank her, use her kiss command and trigger orgasms. I wake her up in the middle of this and she’s in a very good mood. I ask her to take a seat and we chat for a few moments. I check with her on how she is feeling, and what her triggers do to her.

I take her back in to the trance and continue to amplify her kiss command. I slowly build the intensity, and right before the most intense kiss she’s ever given anyone I distract her with tickling. When I trigger the kiss it is very intense.

I train her to spread her legs on command, pose on command, present her breasts on command. Alternating through her commands and distracting her I trigger her secret pleasure and have her show it to me.

I suggest that she’s having sex, and I use a variety of triggers on her during it.

I allow her to complete the counting loops that I locked her on. I play with her breasts while she does so.

I have her stand at attention and then bend her over the chair. I have her spank her ass on the command spank. We have a very nice view of her pussy from the rear while she spanks herself. I trigger orgasms while she’s bent over and we can see the affect it has on all the delicate parts between her legs.

I train her to present her breasts on command.

I have her sing the alphabet song with a blank mind, imagining a vibrator between her legs on her special spot. When she reaches Z she will cum harder than she ever has in her life. In the middle of the song I freeze her and give her a few triggers.

i have her march in place building up energy up in to a full on naked jogging in place, and then trigger orgasm and pleasure and all sorts of sexy things. I do the same thing with jumping jacks. In the midst of this I implant the idea of associating me with the word Master in her subconscious mind.

I relax her a bit while she stares in to my eyes, noticing they are the most beautiful blue eyes she’s ever seen in her life. I then have her look at my lips while getting turned on. I then trigger a kiss with pleasure.

I have her relax and go deeper as she counts back. Once more letting my hands roam her body. I freeze her on the number 2, looping it, and making her get horny every time she says it, looking at my lips. I finger her pussy in addition to all this and then trigger a kiss.

Concluding our session I have her embrace me and show me with her body what she felt today.

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