The story you loved! The Ultimate Mom Son Fantasy! All 9 parts together from the “Mom-Son Love Story”; The evolving story of a son who fantasize about losing his virginity to his mommy who eventually falls in love with him, becomes really naughty, married him and eventually gets pregnant. Detailed description & preview under each parts.


This love story with my son Louie all started today…when I spilled this glass of water all over my breast and on the floor. I really had a bad day and I was not expecting at all that from this moment on, my life would be changed forever. I had quite a big cleavage, so while I was cleaning the floor up, my boobs were bouncing all over the place and most likely showing. He was sitting in front of me eating candies. When I was done and I lifted my heads up, I noticed that he was playing with his penis and he had a boner. We started to discuss and he told me that he’s been having those memories that gives him wet dreams about me. We went in details about them, some of them were when he was so little and I was wearing short skirts and he was laying down on the floor and could see under it. Others about when I was giving him a bath and cleaning his genitals. And lots of down blouse etc. He then admitted that he’s been obsessed with losing his virginity to me. I tried to convince him to find a girlfriend and think of something else, but that hard on didn’t want to go away. So for this one time only and as our little secret, I decided to help him out. I teased him with a little strip tease. Then I started to give him a handjob. But he was still not cumming, so I proceeded with a blowjob. A very nice and long blowjob until he came into my closed mouth (no cum visible) and swallowed everything like a good mother that I am.


On the following day, my son asked to see me in the living room, he had something to tell me. So I came over wearing a blouse and shiny faux leather leggings. He was rock solid hard through his pajama and told me he tried to think of something else, but he can’t get the images from yesterday out of his head. I told him that yesterday was a one-time thing only. So we discussed and tried to find solutions like toys, getting a girlfriend etc. But he told me it only gets hard when he’s thinking about his mom. I promised I’d always be there for my son and help him when he needs me…but this is kind of out of line for a second day. Oh well, I definitely can’t leave him like that, that’s for sure. So again, I jerked him off, sucked his cock, but this wasn’t enough to make him cum. He needed more. This time, the memories were specific to mommy’s titties. Ok….I pulled them out and tried something different. I gave him a real and nice titjob. Titty fucking him real good and talking about his mommy fantasies. He came back about what he said to me yesterday, about losing his virginity to his mom. Oh god….and he gave me this look…you know the one I can’t say no to! I already crossed the line and cheated on my husband here….so I told him I would help him out one last time to lose his virginity. I pulled out my panties and sat on his cock. I started to ride him, but something strange happened. I was fucking him as a favor, but it started to feel really good inside my pussy and I was getting wetter and wetter. I had mixed feelings here! I was enjoying this a bit too much! Then he said he was about to cum, “Omg quick quick, you can’t cum inside baby”, I pulled his cock out of my dripping wet pussy and jerked him off, making him cum over his chest (cumshot not visible, cum all over his chest is visible). “Ok Honey! Go take a shower now and go to bed, we’ll see each other tomorrow!


n this third day, I was tired, but horny as hell! I really didn’t slept well last night…it was my turn to have wet dreams all night long, they were about what happened yesterday, when I fucked my son’s cock! So I went to see him in the living room while he was watching a movie and eating popcorn. I stood in front of the TV and took a stand. Told him that I know I said it was the last time yesterday, but we need to fuck! I thought I was in my menopause for a couple of years now, but he made me realize that I wasn’t at all! The problem is his father! My pussy is dripping and craving for your cock now. I pulled out his cock and it was already hard. I told him that I’m his mom and I am entitled to get what’s mine and his cock his mine now. I rode him reverse cowgirl, then asked him to fuck me on the couch laid on my back. I am giving him so much mommy dirty talk. He fucked me real good! Then I stood up and leaned toward the couch so he could take me doggy! I then told him I want him to fuck me in every single room of the house, and that’s what we did. Fucking at the kitchen table, then in a second bedroom on my back with my legs up, followed by the shower standing doggy and finally ending our fucking rally in the bedroom missionary. That’s when I asked him to fill mommy’s pussy with his big and warm sticky load! I’m really proud of my son, he gave me a real nice one and watched it leak slowly out of my pussy. I lied yesterday, it’s definitely NOT the last time! I assured him that from now on, he’s gonna fuck me like that every single day of his life


A few months has passed since I got addicted to my son’s cock. We moved together into a new place. Our relationship evolved, we’re hooked and have fallen in love with each other. So intensely that I decided to take the necessary steps so we could become a real couple, I initiated the divorce procedure with his dad. Today, I just received the documents, the signed and approved divorced papers! This is now official, mom and son can finally be together! I went in the living room to tell my son this great news, well, my boyfriend now. I am so happy! We need to celebrate! I went down on my knees and pulled his cock out of his boxers. Started to jerk him off, spat on it, licked it and sucked it real good just how he likes it! For this special occasion, I want him to unload all over my face, giving me a nice facial, spreading all his love all over me. He stood up and I continued to suck his cock until he took over, grabbing it and shooting a big load all over my face. As I stood up and was about to go clean myself up, he kneeled down, looked up straight into the eyes and gave me this little box…it’s a wedding ring! OMG! He’s proposing to me!!! Are you crazy!? … Will I say YES…or… NO? Stay tuned!


Fast forwarding in the story to our Wedding Day, so by now, you already know that my answer to his proposal was YES 🙂 So, I was getting ready in our bathroom when my son, my soon husband to be opened the door! “No! What are you doing here! It’s bad luck to see your wife before the Wedding!” He said he had a hard on that didn’t want to go away! I told him to take care of it, but he told me that he tried, but it didn’t work! It must be our Wedding that makes him horny like that. So I said ok … mommy is gonna take care of it and try to make it up for this bad luck superstition! So I went down on my knees and sucked his cock. But then, it got me excited as well. So I begged him to push it deep inside my pussy, I really want to feel it raw…and now. I sat on the counter with my wedding dress on and he fucked me like that. It was so good, but it was taking too long, so I had to do what he loves best, titjobs. I pulled out my big titties and titty fucked him good. When he was getting close to cumming I realized that I couldn’t have him cum between my titties and ruin the dress! I told him to cum into my mouth instead! (No visible cum – closed mouth) I swallowed every single drop of it, it was so delicious! “Oh god! We’re gonna be late! Get out!” I said looking at the time! And I threw his butt naked ass out of the bathroom!


We came back home from our wedding day, finally! It was a very intense day, but definitely not as intense as what our wedding night was about to be! We went straight to the bedroom where I started to tease him with a strip tease and a lap dance. Then, when I noticed his rock hard dick through his pants, my pussy got wet instantly. I got rid of my dress and undressed him. Spat on his cock, sucked him a little bit just to make it wet enough. Then I sat on it reverse and fucked him, bouncing my ass on my son’s cock, uhm, my husband’s cock now 🙂 I then turned around and fucked him sitting cowgirl with lots of dirty talk. I was so excited! I then asked him to take mommy, uhm, his wife, from behind which he did. His cock was so good! Pounding my tight and wet dripping pussy! We fucked in different positions, missionary, on my back legs up, legs on the side, he made me cum like that! Then I noticed that it got him on the edge of cumming, I turned him around to ride him. This is when I told him that I was so happy with him and I thought it was time for us to go to the next level and to start a family together! I want babies! I asked him to cum deep inside my pussy and to get me pregnant! Creampie ( Cum visible drooling out of pussy in the end).


We’re now a few months later in the story. We tried to get pregnant so many times and it failed every single time. Today I had a good feeling and we’re gonna look at the pregnancy test results together! I was really hoping for this to work this time, but unfortunately it ended up being negative 🙁 I was so sad! He hugged me and massaged my back to comfort me. I felt a big hard on on my thigh lol! It really made me laugh, what a bad moment to be hard! But it made me realize that in fact it’s a good thing! That’s exactly what we need, stay positive and try again! Like a good mommy wife that I am, I went down on my knees and sucked his cock and balls to build better seeds this time! When I felt that he was hard enough and his balls were growing, we moved from the bathroom to the living room where he fucked me standing doggy. Fucking me hard and deep while I was bent over the couch. Then I wanted to have eye contact with him while he was fucking me so we climbed over the couch and he fucked me missionary and on the side. Eventually, he was close to cumming, I told him to hold on, that I had an idea! I read an article about a sex position that was best to get pregnant! I went for going head down on the floor and ass up. I asked him to fuck me like this, pile driver style. I saw in this eyes afterward that he was about to unleash his sperm army inside mommy’s pussy, I grabbed his balls and squeezed them while stroking his cock half way in to really milk him and get every single drop! I then stayed upside down and made sure to put back in the cum that was trying to get out (Cum visible) and put all chances on our side hoping that he knocked me up this time with this amazing creampie! Lots of impregnation and mommy dirty talk


The story picks up 7 months later. Mommy’s pregnant (It worked last time!) of her son and they live happy as husband and wife. There’s one problem though, they haven’t had sex in a while now because he’s scared to hurt the baby. She drags herself in the living room with her big belly, she struggles to walk and sit on the couch. She explains to him how she’s tired to be pregnant, back hurts, tits hurts….AND she’s ALWAYS horny! She’s fed up with this and she wants the D. She offers him a blowjob, as long as she can play with it. After a little suck, she decides to please him even more, maybe he’ll change his mind and fuck her! So she tells him that he can face fuck her! She goes down on her knees, he stands up, takes her head and fucked her face. Lots of gagging and drooling. Lots of mommy and pregnant dirty talk throughout the whole video. Then, let’s crank it up, she brings him in their bedroom, oiled up her big mommy titties, laid on her back on the bed and asked him to fuck them! It was pretty intense and he fucked those big juggs hard. Mom couldn’t wait until delivering the baby to get her son’s dick inside of her! She convinced him to ride him slowly and control the movement, to show him there is ways to fuck and not hurt the baby! The more she fucked him, the more intense it’d get and harder she’d fuck him! She came real hard on his cock! Now that she proved that there are no danger, it was his turn to cum and be in control. She laid down on her back and asked him to fuck him hard! And he did! Lots of dirty talk here again. Then she encouraged him to cum inside of her and give her a nice creampie (Cum visible).


This is the FINAL part of this story. Months after the baby is born mom/wife and son haven’t made love in a long time. She doesn’t think he finds her attractive anymore but after an argument he confesses that she’s still a hot fox, she’s the only one who gets him hard. So she tells him that if what he says is true, he’s gonna let her suck his cock. He asked if the baby was napping, she said yes they’re good to go. So she made him sit on the kitchen counter and started sucking his cock. Then the baby woke up and started to cry. (Not visible. This IS NOT A REAL baby, don’t panic lol, this is a prop and it’s all about this mom fantasy) She asked him to wait there, but he didn’t. He followed her in the living room, lifted her dress and started to fuck her standing doggy while she was putting the pacifier back into baby’s mouth, so he could stop crying. It worked! This is where their makeup sex started, she had to put her hand on her mouth to avoid screaming in pleasure. They changed place where she rode her sitting from the back, then cowgirl on him and making her tits bounce on his face. Lots of taboo dirty talk. They went in the bedroom, she asked him to lick her pussy. Then he fucked her missionary, she got two powerful orgasms. Then standing fucking leaning on the patio door for everybody to watch them outside. Finally finishing back in the kitchen with a little more sucking, standing fucking and ended up with standing doggy where she finally admitted now that the sex is back to normal and she believes him, she wants another baby and wants him to get her pregnant again to expand their family and have more sex until it picks up! Creampie (Cum visible dripping out of her pussy)

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