Jane Cane – Drunk Son Inadvertently Fucks His Mother

Mom picks up son from the bar. She told him not to drive so she can’t complain about getting out of bed at 6 AM and driving to get him in her nightgown. But her son is so lit he thinks he is going home with a hottie from the bar. He keeps touching his mom. Sliding his hands up her nightie. The silk of her nightie and the feel of her hands surprisingly makes her wet. She is ashamed that the next time her son rubs his hand up her legs, she actually opens them. He puts his fingers inside of her wet pussy and fingers her until she cums hard. When they get home, he thinks he is taking the hottie from the bar to bed with him. He takes off his pants and mom immediately gets down on her knees and sucks his cock. It’s the right thing to do afterall, he made her cum so hard in the car. But before she can finish her son off, he bends her over the bed and fucks her hard. She cums a second time all over his cock. After he cums inside of his mother, he lays out on the bed naked. Mom can’t help but look at his huge cock in amazement. She made that. And she wants more. Should she come clean tomorrow morning and tell him the dirty secret, or does she wait for him to go to the bar again and let him have his way with her?

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