Katy Ann – Bimbo Turns Husband into Himbo 1080p (23.05.2020)

Hubby is just getting home and is greeted by you, his wife with two new HUGE additions, her new BREASTS “Do you like them?” You smile and tell me that you made a potion to make your boobs bigger and ask of “Im ready for a special night?” telling me that you just finished a potion for me. “It’s a DICK-ENLARGEMENT potion that’s going to give you a BIGGER DICK and make you cum way harder for me” you say, horny for a special night. We’ve used magic potions before and all seems normal. You tell me, “I changed up the recipe a little, my witch friend says that it does wonders for Men and their dicks””She says that It makes men BUST harder and thicker than normal and will make your BALLS bigger too.

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