Kendra James and Bunny Colby – Collared Sex Slave

Bunny Colby has come to Kendra to apply for a position as her assistant. The interview begins innocently enough as Kendra asks her some basic questions about her experience and where she worked before, but soon the conversation takes a more sinister turn. Kendra begins to intimidate Bunny and insists she remove her clothing. She needs to examine her to make sure she’s the right candidate. Bunny protests, but needs the money and finally strips naked, displaying her big tits for Kendra to inspect. Kendra makes her put her hands behind her head and gropes her boobs, pinching her perky nipples. Bunny closes her eyes and moans and in this instant Kendra puts a metal collar around her neck, locking it with a pad lock. SHe takes this opportunity to slip cuffs around her new slaves wrists as well and chains her in place. Bunny isn’t going anywhere and now it’s time for Kendra to humiliate her and have some fun. She makes Bunny lick and worship her boots and legs, sticking out her tongue and licking every inch. Her slave can struggle, but isn’t getting far with that chain around her neck. When Kendra is finished she shoves a bit gag in her mouth and locks Bunny away in a cage. This is just the beginning of her training and Kendra has buyers interested in a new sex slave.

When Kendra returns she has two sex slavers with her to test out the merchandise. She’s told Anastasia Pierce and Karla Kush all about her new hot blonde, big tittied slut and they’re eager to test her out. They take turns bending Bunny over and fucking her. While Anastasia fucks Bunny’s mouth, Karla fucks her tight pussy and then they switch. Each girl takes a turn with the new slave to make sure they can make some money off her holes. The bidding war soon starts and Anastasia wins. Bunny will be a good addition to her harem of hot sluts.

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