Lara-CumKitten – Nail me doggy in the locker room (2020-06-20)

In the gym where I always go to workout, the guys always flirt with me. One is particularly hot for me and always wants to do the exercises with me and always gives me tips. When I take off my clothes in the women’s locker room after a strenuous workout, this guy suddenly bursts in. We are both sweaty and my pulse is racing like crazy. He grabs me, throws me in front of the locker and kisses me uncontrollably. OMG I like these spontaneous quickies. He takes off my leggings and licks my excited pearl. Now there is no stopping. I blow his stiff cock violently and deeply and finally let him nail him doggy. It is as blatant as he just uses me, but I love to be fucked by everyone in the gym. I enjoy every fucking hot bump and I forget everything around me, even that we are in the women’s locker room and someone could come in at any moment. I come to him to orgasm and suddenly he pulls his cock out of me and pours a hot cumshot on my plump ass. Would you hunt me down when you meet me in the gym?

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