Legendarylootz – Mind Controlled Cumshow

We’re hanging out at the bar and you tell me you can mind control anybody. I laugh at you, saying how that’s not real and it doesn’t actually work. A bet? Ha. Sure whatever, this is stupid.. how long do I have to stand here? I continue babbling about how fake it is.. completely unaware that I’m fondling myself and stripping down. I snap out of it and freak out that my pants are gone. I make an excuse that I’m probably not sober and somebody slipped them off me. You go on and off mind controlling me until I’m completely naked in this bar full of people. I’m so embarrassed, people even start taking pictures. I finally give in and admit that mind control is real, begging you to make me stop. You make me start touching myself and put on a show for everyone, I end up getting into it, fully aware of what I’m doing and cum for everyone to see.

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