Licking Girls Feet – ALSU – More humiliation for a childhood friend

Now Alsu completely despises marina .. She begins to forget how they were friends before .. now marina for her is just a slave girl who carries out any of her orders. Alsu sits on a comfortable sofa and uses marina as a footrest. But the slave girl shouldn’t relax with her Mistress, and Alsu came up with a task for her. She ordered marina to sniff and chew her socks. “You’re a stupid loser .. How could I be friends with you before? Ugh. Spit out my socks and worship my bare feet!” Alsu ordered and marina began to throughly worship Alsu’s feet clean from heels to toes with her tongue. Now they are of a different level .. Alsu is Mistress. marina is a slave girl. And now when Alsu has dirty shoes, sweaty feet or she wants to smoke, guess who she’ll call?

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