Licking Girls Feet – FOX – You’re my personal foot cleaner and human ashtray

Fox wants to relax in the evening and have some snacks. Her slave monica sits faithfully under the table at her feet, waiting for orders. Fox orders the old woman to worship her feet and monica unquestioningly begins to lick the feet of her beautiful Mistress. monica feels the salty taste of Fox’s feet and her task is to make those feet as clean as possible. The old slut is doing a good job and Fox decides to treat her to a snack. She puts a snack between her toes and lets the slave eat it. Fox wipes her feet on the old woman’s wrinkled face and then decides to smoke. She uses the slave as a human ashtray and spits in her mouth. Fox extinguishes her cigarette on the idiot’s tongue and feeds her a cigarette butt. “That’s your snack for tonight, old slut.”

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