Licking Girls Feet – LORA and SALMA – Great and new haircut for Salma

Salma decided that she needed a haircut and invited her friend Lora, who is an excellent hairdresser. Her slave marina, as always, is near her and awaits orders. When Lora arrived, Salma met her with a slave on a leash. marina greeted her Mistress’s friend and started kissing her feet and shoes. Lora was a little taken aback and surprised. “Oh, don’t mind that whore.. She’s just my slave who will clean up my hair off the floor and worship my feet while you cut my hair.” Salma said. “LOL, we’ve been friends for a long time and I didn’t know you had slaves. It’s funny.. well, let’s get started. I’ll do you a great haircut” – Lora replied. Salma sat down on a chair and Lora covered her with a blanket. The slave began to worship Salma’s bare feet while Lora cut her hair. Women were talking on talking on various topics almost without paying any attention to marina. Everyone was busy with their own business .. The slave throughly worshiped Salma’s feet and from time to time crawled up to Lora and worshiped her shoes and feet too. Cut off hair fell from Salma’s head to the floor.. “Stupid slut, can’t you see that enough of my hair has fallen on the floor already? Clean up! Get all that hair off the floor!” Salma ordered. marina began to lick her hair off the floor.. she collected a mouthful of hair and chewed it. While the slave crawled and licked Salma’s hair from the floor, the women continued to communicate and from time to time gave her orders. When the comb was stuffed with hair, Lora gave it to marina and she ate all the hair out of it. Lora did a great haircut for Salma!

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