Limp Fetish – A Sight For Sahrye

The scene opens with Sleeperkid letting the lovely Sahrye into his apartment. They sit down on the couch and begin discussing Sahrye becomming a possible new tennant. The conversation is all business, until Sahrye starts talking about her career as a foot fetish model. As she talks about it, she subconciously starts to dangle her shoe, which distracts SK. Little did Sahrye know, but this particular landlord has a serious foot fetish, and seeing the beautiful Sahrye and her beautiful feet sends his mind into a fantasy that he insists on making come reality.

He offers Sahrye a glass of water, which turns out to be drugged with a sleep aid. She unknowingly sips away and finds herself becomming drowsy, her eyes fluttering and roling back as she falls to the floor.

SK proceeds to play with the sleeping Latin beauty, draping her over his arms and ragdolling her in between knockouts (bearhugs, a sleper hold, and more). He eventually takes her out of the room and switches her into a shiny sexy leotard that fits her perfectly. He continues the pattern, putting the beautiful Sahrye out over and over again…until a final sedative-coated dust mask is applied for a climactic KO. A final over the shoulder carry is the last thing we see as the scene fades to black

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