Mind Control – Girls On The Internet 1 & 2 Bundle

Lessi has held a grudge against Joyy and Niel for a longer time now.

They have not been there for her after her brutal quarantine break up with her longterm boyfriend so Lessi did some research on how to get back to them…

She found a Mind Control forum online and thought it’d be a great idea to gain control over her friends’ minds and make them do some funny stuff on a Skype call – all while sceen recording the whole thing of course to later have something on them that will make them act differently next time she needs their help.

She sends them a Mind Control video, claiming it’s a belly dance tutorial aaaaand… it works!

With both girls under her control, she can’t resist to make them do some more sexy stuff than initially planned… watch Lessi taking total control over her blank-minded friends. She enjoys it a lot and definitely has something on them after this video chat! Luckily for Lessi, Joyy and Niel don’t remember a thing after she wakes them up. This might become a new hobby?

After mind controlling her friends Niel and Joyy in “Girls On The Internet”, Lessi got a taste of making people do as she pleases. As she can’t meet her friends in person yet, she thinks of ways to take control over them again via Skype…

You’d think Joyy and Niel would have learned from the previous call where they found themselves nearly naked and not remembering what had happened to them but somehow Lessi manages to talk them into watching another “tutorial” with her… which of course turns out to be a mind control video!

Accidentally, Lessi clicks the link herself when she sends it to her friends – her and both her friends are immediately mind controlled into taking off their clothes, belly dancing and doing other sexy/weird stuff like putting their fists into their mouths and grabbing their boobs. All while being filmed via Lessi’s sceen recorder!!!

Will those girls ever learn???

The patron repeats in both videos. The entranced girls start bellydancing, removing their clothes and grabbing their boobs. They are also forced to do things like strip dance, kissing their toes or to put their fists in their mouths.

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