Miss Malorie Switch – Wife Entertains Bachelor Party

After your wife finds out you are hosting your friend’s bachelor party and are hiring a stripper, she insists on being the entertainment instead. However, she doesn’t realize what kind of party her husband and his friends want to have. She brings games, but they are not interested. Her husband brings her “yoga” clothes, insisting on her showing his friends how to do yoga. She naively agrees, but hesitates once she sees what he wants her to wear. Once she starts showing off her yoga skills, she realizes they aren’t wanting to learn, but just watch her. Her husband suggests another activity, where she is blindfolded and fed food, giving her a chance to guess. She agrees, but is shocked when it turns into her husbands cock in her mouth! Eventually, she agrees to continue, but she doesn’t know the other party guests are playing along. Until finally she feels the grooms big cock in her mouth, she freaks. Knowing she agreed to be the entertainment, she continues to help out. Sucking the grooms cock, cringing at the act of swallowing his load for the crowd. She is then encouraged to masturbate in front of the party guests, and finish off the party taking the grooms load inside of her pussy, all while her husband gleefully watches.

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