Miss Missa X - Breast Teacher Ever

Miss Missa X – Breast Teacher Ever

Ms. Brianne Blu is finishing up teaching a boring class when the class clown sprinkles “BE Potion” into her coffee, some of the students whisper and wonder what he’s up to. She begins to feel hot after she takes a sip, and asks Jane to open a window. She struggles finishing her lecture as she sweats, the class gasps and giggles at her newly grown D cup breasts. She immediately looks at Aaron, “what sort of shenanigans are you up to, young man?” He stutters and the school bell rings. The students get up from their desks to leave but Aaron isn’t going anywhere. “We need to have a talk.”

Sweat trickles down her cleavage, her panties are moist, a little cum trickles out and down her leg. She crosses her legs and looks sternly at the boy. She moans as she feels her breasts swell again. Aaron is wide eyed, he laughs at his success! “You’re so full of cum, you’re horny aren’t you, Ms. Blu?” She won’t admit that she’s turned on but she is desperate for the boy to deflate her. “If the principal sees me looking like a Playboy bimbo he’ll fire me.” Aaron lets her frustrated teacher know that the only way her breasts are ever going to deflate is if she cums, he grabs a vibrator from his backpack. The prim and proper Ms. Brianne Blu puts on airs, but eventually she is parting her legs and purring for the young man to release her tension. She cums twice, once from the toy, and once with his cock. Ms. Blu is a squirter!

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