Miss Missa X – Gender Change Alien Panties II

“Includes: Josette Duval, alien taken the form of panties, transforming man to woman, forced orgasm, breast expansion, hip expansion, dick to clit, hair transformation, and lips

He walks into the bathroom. A pair of panties are laying on the floor. “FUCK YES!” He has always had a thing for his roommate Josette. She’s fucking hot, and she never leaves her panties laying around like this. He takes the opportunity to sniff them, they smell like glorious, sweet, pussy. He takes off his boxer briefs and starts to stroke his cock to the satin fabric.

It feels so good, he feels an odd compulsion to put them on, even though he’s never worn women’s panties. He falls asleep, exhausted from his orgasm. He doesn’t realize his masculine legs, turning skinny and feminine. His torso has slimmed, hips widened, his arms are feminine, his body is similar to a woman’s. He sleeps, exhausted from his orgasm. The panties move on his body and wake him up.

He is now ALMOST COMPLETELY a she!.

“SHE” moves her hand down to touch her panties, and her dick is fading away, shrinking, inwards. She realizes the panties are some kind of odd, magical, LIVING thing! She tries to take them off, and “ZAAAAPPP!”.

Electricity pulses through her body. Her hands are lifted up, she doesn’t move the muscles, something is moving her hands! She looks in disbelief, watches as they grab her breasts. They explore softly, at first, then more aggressive, pinching them hard! “Ouch!”.

She feels where her dick used to be. It is now a solid mass of warm flesh. It looks as if it is a barbie doll’s genitalia, smooth, and nothing. She starts to feel her insides hollow, something is carving her. “ARRrrrghh!” Her pussy starts to form. A slit starts to reveal itself, and then labia lips, and then…

BAM! Her hand movies and forces her finger into her pussy. It hurts. The other hand is being moved by some unknown force to rub her breasts. “Josette!” She cries out for her female roommate. She hopes that Josette won’t be too alarmed by her new gender, but she needs help, desperately!.

The hands force themselves to rub, penetrate, and she feels pangs of pleasure mixed in with the horrific ordeal. “Mmmm..” A moan escapes her lips. It encourages the alien force, and they work her hands faster, until she cums..

She pulls up the panties. The panties catch her orgasm juices. The alien panties feast on them. They alien panties become satisfied.”

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