Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Manners Cost A Kick In The Cunt

I release rabbit from her cage confinements, she has been kept there for numerous hours but is too slow on her exit. To wake her up properly I crush her cheek harshly onto the floor with My stilettos, adrenalin surging, she is fully alert and giving Me the amount of attention I command and deserve. I instruct her to worship My nylon clad feet, she does so with an earnest intensity, making sure to do it just as I like. Every toe, and inch of skin is worshipped with passion, little moans escaping her naughty lips as her visible excitement increases. We are both dressed in lace lingerie, the material enveloping our sumptuous curves, revealing just enough to wet the appetite. I turn around and present My perfect peach for her to admire and lust over, the greedy girl takes a bite without permission………. a cruel slap across her face brings her spinning back to reality with a bump. How dare she touch My skin without My consent, I pride Myself on having impeccable manners. Anyone that serves Me or I play with is expected to have the same, so this naught rabbit must be taught to always keep her composure and never forget her manners. I instruct her to present her quivering pussy to Me as I begin her punishment. One kick after another lands on her cunt, each getting more ferocious than the last. I feel her start to swell under My feet and I see her juices leaving her lace panties and dribbling down her thigh. I must push through the pleasure and ensure the pain resonates through the kicks………..until she has learnt her lesson.

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