Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Moan For Mistress

Tied to My whipping bench the bunny is strapped down and exposed……..she is waiting for Me. I tease her with My purple strap on, her eyes greedily following My hard appendage desperate to know which hole I will fill first. I push into her mouth all the way to the back of her throat. she gags and drools on My cock, knowing if she’s a good girl I will mount her. When I’ve had My fill I walk behind her, I’m dressed in black skin tight leather and am looking seriously menacing as My appetite grows. I plunge into her ass, her little moans of pleasure as I pound away. I soon switch to My gargantuan strap on that would make anyones hole quiver in fear. her moans turn to nervous cries as I smother My mammoth cock in spit and lube………she takes a breath and I enter her. Building up speed My sadistic smile spreads across My face, I pull her hair and spit into her pretty little face. she will know what it feels like to be taken by The Lioness, a feeling she will only crave more each day. I fishhook My fingers into her mouth to maximise thrusting capability and she screams in ecstasy. My hands explore her breasts, grabbing, pinching and nipping her sensitive parts. I put My hand between her thighs and feel all her hot sticky liquid running down her legs, so I scoop it all up and feed it back to her…….dirty girl.

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