Missa X - Ashlen Reed - Young, Dumb & Full of Cum

Reno Bunny Ranch’s finest bunny, Ashlen Reed, boy needs serious help extracting cum, helpful mother, hand job cumshot, cum in mouth, and creampie.Mrs. Reed is taking her son into the most popular doctor in the city. His son has been having difficulty concentrating in school, irritable, and experiencing an aching feeling in his testicles. Mrs. Reed is like most mothers, she has sheltered the boy so much that he does not know how to properly release. His backup in semen is causing a temporary retardation, and if not extracted immediately could turn out to be full grown adult retardation.Dr. Missa sees that Mrs. Reed is a very concerned mother, and has questions about my unconventional medical practice. She also knows that I am the most popular doctor for a reason. She is desperate to make her son well, and I want to be certain she does an efficient job of extracting the semen.I can’t help but feel turned on during the appointment. Mrs. Reed is such a tall drink of water, her son is equally handsome, and I love to focus on her sexy lips as she bobs her head up and down on his cock, a look of humiliation, concern, and excitement in her eyes. I love to see the son look back at his mother desperate to please her. I make certain my clients are happy, over and over again. This young man is a challenging case. He’ll need lots of extractions to be certain that he maintains good health. I tell them to make an appointment with the receptionist, he’ll need three appointments per weeks with me. I will be certain is balls are drained properly.


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