Missax – Adriana Chechik and Mona Wales – The Seychelles Part 2 (23.02.2020)

Adriana Chechik shows up at Tyler Nixon and Mona Wales’s vacation home. Adriana offers to pay half the home’s cost in exchange for her staying in the guest room, and she notices Mona’s hesitation, she promises to be gone first thing in the morning. Tyler accepts Adriana’s offer and Mona, begrudgingly, goes along with her husband. When Tyler leaves the home to pick up a food order Mona offends Adriana, and she immediately regrets her hurtful words. Mona apologizes and presses Adriana for information about her, trying desperately to hide her suspicion. Adriana explains that she is a marriage counselor and has a couple of locations in New York. Mona sees this as an opportunity to tell Adriana about her own marriage problems. Mona has been unfaithful to Tyler, twice! Mona slept with her neighbor and her fitness instructor, a woman. Tyler only knows about one occasion. Adriana seems particularly interested in Mona’s knowledge of her neighbor’s wife. Adriana takes Mona on a hike to see the most beautiful waterfall, the water feels so warm, and the beauty and magic of the hidden spot fills Mona’s heart with romance. Watch the story unfold..

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