Adriana is studying with Megan in her bedroom but Megan is having a hard time focusing on studying. Megan hears Jay stir around downstairs and she asks Megan, “has your brother said anything about me?” Megan has been trying to leave an impression on him for months now, she tries to cross his path in subtle ways, he’s gorgeous. Megan is usually confident with boys but Jay gives her butterflies. Adriana scoffs at Megan and tells her an embarrassing little fact about her brother, sure to turn Megan off, but to no avail. Megan excuses herself, “I’ve got to go to the bathroom,” she lies.

She sees Jay in the living room and strikes up a conversation. Megan musters the courage to whisper her feelings into his ear, her hand on his thigh, her breast against his bicep, her lips just millimeters away from his ears. Adriana sees this and scrunches her brow in disgust. She tip-toes downstairs and turns off the light. The power goes off in the entire house and it’s pitch black in the living room. Jay explains that the fuse box is old, it just needs to be reset. Megan, eager to impress Jay with her electrical knowledge offers to re-set it. She confidently explains, “I’ve got an old fuse box at my house too, it’s easy.”

Adriana’s hands are outstretched as she feels her way through the dining room into the living room. She reaches for Jay. Jay says, “Megan?” Adriana smiles, she unzips Jay’s zipper. She’s dreamt about this very calculated scheme for a long time and now her plan will be executed perfectly. She starts to stroke Jay, Jay moans, Adriana kisses her brother’s cock. Meanwhile, Megan flips the fuse box and the power goes on! Jay is shocked to see his sister sucking his cock, “what’s going on?” Adriana won’t stop, she needs her brother to see that she is important in his life. He can’t have interest in other girls, sharing his precious time with trampy girls like her friend, Megan, he must see that SHE is all he needs.

Megan sees her heartthrob being stroked by his sister and it fills her with a competitive fire, “please.. you want me,” she begs him, “just look at my body.” Adriana starts to undress, begging him to choose her. The girls fight over Jay, although it seems that Megan is interested in having a woman touch her, “I’ve never been with a girl before,” she asks Adriana, “can’t we share?” Adriana considers the only way she’ll get to lose her virginity is if she allows him to have her friend, but no.. she will not give them time to themselves. He must see that she is the better lover. Watch the two girls viciously and sensually compete for Jay’s love and cum.

The video includes some kissing between the girls, blowjob, doggy style with one girl on top of another and two creampies, one for each girl with some doggy in between

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