Adriana comes over to Dan and Sofi’s house on a Saturday afternoon, just as she does every week. She’s very close friends with the couple and their daughter, and is looking forward to meeting their new foster/foreign exchange student Blair. Sofi opens the door and greets her friend with a warm smile. Adriana, “where’s Dan and the girls?” Sofi explains that he took them to a concert, she’s quick to get her friend in the house. She has a lot on her mind and she’s been looking forward to sharing what’s been going on in their home since Blair moved in.

“I think he’s cheating on me,” Sofi tells her friend. Sofi begins with her intuitions, how she suspects that Dan is looking at the young girl, and Adriana interrupts, “you know you have a suspicious mind, tell me the facts.” When Sofi explains the evidence, Adriana is quiet, her eyes look down. Sofi is on the edge of her seat, she wonders if Adriana is closer to Dan than she is with her, and she worries that she is betraying Dan by confessing their troubles to their mutual friend. Adriana looks at Sofi, her eyes squint as if the next words will be meaningful, with purpose, this is it.. “you have to cheat on him,” she tells her. Sofi’s jaw drops. Cheat on him? Cheat on my husband? I’ve never been with another man.

Adriana, “don’t tell me you haven’t imagined what it would be like to have an affair. Seriously, he’s the only man you have EVER been with. Did you know most girls have their very first sexual encounter with a girl?” Adriana, “yes, and I’ll bet you have never even tried another woman.” Sofi, “well.. I’ve never looked at a woman and felt sexual attraction, I mean.. I can tell a woman is beautiful or not, but it’s not like with a guy. I guess that’s how I know I’m straight.” Adriana rolls her eyes, she knows that every woman is a lesbian.. but to what extent? “I want you to close your eyes,” she says with a serious tone. Sofi closes her eyes. Adriana pulls a ribbon out of her purse, the satiny fabric pulls tightly over Sofi’s eyes.

Adriana starts her relax-therapy. She takes Sofi deep into her subconscious and pulls out a moment in time when Sofi cheated on Dan. Every woman cheats on their spouse inside their own mind. A woman builds her ideal man, she starts by looking at her father and pulling out her favorite traits from him, and then she builds a past for her fantasy man. Sofi’s describes her fantasy man, “tall, proud, the type of man who doesn’t say much, he wears a suit, he has scars and sun blisters on his hard working, strong hands, but his touch is soft against my skin.” Adriana smiles and nods, she begins to run her fingers through Sofi’s thick raven black hair. Adriana kisses Sofi stronger and holds her hair in her hands, “I’m him..” she whispers, “I just want to make you feel good, let me.. let me in, Sofi.”

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