MissaX – Blair Williams – A Foreign Exchange [Ep. 3]

In our last episode, Blair kissed her foster d, Dan. He wanted to take it farther. If his dau, Lexi, didn’t walk in, he would have. Blair begged him to take her and he turned her down to stay true to his wife. Dan is a good man, an honest fam man with a soft spot for orphans, he knows that Blair doesn’t understand the gravity of what she does, she’s too young.

Blair sees him doing the dishes, she tip toes behind him, “are we alone?” Dan tells her that the flirtation needs to stop. Blair insists that she doesn’t need to fall in love with him, all she wants is four years of mind blowing sex, sneaking around and fucking him, that’s all. Dan wants her to focus on her school, and to forget about it. “It’s not going to happen, Blair.”

Blair insists, and Dan raises his voice, it only turns Blair on even more. She begs him to “punish her,” she opens her legs to show him she’s not wearing panties. He grabs her by the neck. “My God, you drive me crazy,” Dan tells her.


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