MissaX – Blair Williams – A Foreign Exchange [Ep. 5]

Every opportunity they get a chance to be alone, Blair and her foster Daddy, Dan, reach for each other. Blair is wild, the way she moves, the things she does for him brings out a whole new man in Dan. Dan Mountain’s wife Sofi was a “missionary sex” type-of-girl, and once per year, on his Birthday, she would give him doggy style. Dan loves how different Blair is to his wife. She gives herself to him, completely, as if she’s his own personal sex doll. She lives to please him, even when he’s in her throat, tears streaming down her face, she’s smiling because he is satisfied. Blair is convinced she is in love with him, and now Dan is starting to fall for her as well.

Blair purrs and moans loudly as Sofi, and their mutual friend, Adriana come up the driveway. Sofi has been sensing something is wrong in their relationship, and then she hears Blair, “mph.. Daddy, oh, please give me your cum.” She stops Adriana, “do you hear that?” The two enter the house to see Dan squeezing the last drop of his cum into her pussy. Blair hears the door open and she covers herself with the sheet.


Dan looks at his wife’s heartbroken face, “I’m sorry, it was a mistake.”
Blair hears the words, “a mistake,” and she looks at him. She is a mistake? His words for her were a lie. She watches the two talk about what to do with their daughter, and how Sofi will be staying at Adriana’s, and she can’t keep her eyes off of Dan. He was a “good man,” an honest man who loved his wife and his daughter, and now he’s not. A switch has turned off for her, she sees him as an ordinary man. not loyal, not trustworthy, and she doesn’t feel a thread of attraction for a man like that.

Sofi leaves as Adriana rolls a suitcase full of her clothes. Dan looks at Blair, “I’m sorry, all of this was my fault.” Watch the story unfold…

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