MissaX – Blair Williams – Reality Virtually

Dean sets his laptop in front of his step-sister, “ready to play?” Blair, “Where’s the controllers?” Dean shakes his head, “I’ve developed a software that will let you play the game with your mind. This technology is already being used in cars. A vehicle can assess it’s surroundings and move out of danger. It’s a similar experience but you use your imagination to create the ultimate storyline and your brain waves control a 3d image of you moving through the dream.” Blair looks at him in confusion, “so this is a game, to win or lose? I have to fall asleep for this to work?”
“It can be a game, or you just move through your dream as a character in your storyline. And no, you’re awake, you’re completely conscious. It’s more like a day dream but the censors pull from your actual experiences and fantasies to help set the scene.”
Blair is in awe at the idea of becoming a character in one of her stories, “you become the writer and star of your own play?” Dean nods, “and without the hassle writer’s block, it’s a continuous digitized story, that shifts shapes at the whim of your own brain.”
“When is the game over?”
“Just say ‘game over,’ when you want to switch the ‘virtual vision’ off. Remember, you control the game, this is your fantasy. Whatever you imagine will become real.” “Dean, this is.. genius.”

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