MissaX – Bridgette B, Ivy Wolfe, Tyler Nixon – Honeymoon pt.2 (28.11.2018)

Ivy Wolfe sneaks out from underneath her new husband’s arms, “I’m going to the beach,” she whispers. She meets Bee, Bridgette B, a stunning tall blonde latina with crystal blue eyes. Bee knows just what to say to soothe her, to seduce her, and an unsuspecting Ivy falls for an infidelity that will change her life forever.

In Ivy’s words:
I met Bee at the beach. Oh Bee! I can’t tell you how this this beautiful strange woman has captivated me, there are so many layers to her, she has felt such pain by losing the love of her life, she has struggled, and then overcame a horrible addiction, and now she has a book deal to teach others what she has learned. I imagine a woman who has felt pain so deeply could also love deeply, and by the way that she looks at me, it makes me think that she wants to love me. She looks at me with eyes that pierce through to my soul, she makes me weak, she terrifies me, but yet she fascinates me. I must tell you, I made love to this woman. I made love for the first time last night with a man, and today I made love to a woman.

I feel terrible about my infidelity. I know I betrayed Tyler but God help me.. I’m not certain that Tyler is the man for me. I vowed to live my life with him forever, but maybe I was looking to escape my overbearing father. There are times that Tyler reminds me so much of my father. I am scared. I am so confused and so scared. I’m also in love, and this time it’s not just attraction. There is something strange about Bee. I can’t trust her, but I know I love her. You probably think I’m awfully mixed up, and maybe you’re right, but I need help. I need someone to save me, to tell me what to do with myself, and more than anything I need someone to give me the space to figure it all out, and be there for me when I need the comfort and security of their love. I think Bridgette is that person. Please, tell me what you think? I am out of options and desperate for advice. I feel like I’m teetering on the edge of a cliff, and any strong wind would do me in. I must find courage. I must tell Tyler that we have to stay in separate bedrooms until I figure all of this out.

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