download – Penny Pax – Anally Dominated by Daddy (scene 1)

What’s a girl to do when she finds her own father attractive? I don’t mean just handsome, but an attraction so intense, so taboo that you shouldn’t say out loud. I guess you could say it started when I would catch my father looking at me at various times of the day, when doing yoga, or wearing my school uniform that I secretly hemmed to be three inches above school code. There is a sort of tension that is dying to break free for a little while and neither of us had the nerve to make the first move, until one night one of us crossed the line. It all happened when I got caught making love to my boyfriend.

My boyfriend was throwing pebbles at my window. I rolled my eyes. Johnny and I have been dating for six months now, and we just started having sex, now the boy can’t get enough of me. I opened my window for him and feigned annoyance, but he knows how I love the attention. It makes me wet to think of him sneaking out of his house, risking getting grounded forever, just to see me. I take off his pants and start to suck him, but this time something came out of my mouth that surprised me, “oh, Daddy,” I called John. John was a little taken back, but curious, I went with it, I purred.. “can I call you daddy?” I have never felt this turned on in my entire life. I fucked him, and was I imagining that he was my Daddy? I’m still too embarrassed to confess the truth, but not in the moment, “cum inside of me Daddy,” I demanded Johnny cum deep inside of me, I wanted to feel him explode inside of me, and I couldn’t think of any consequence other than not being able to have the most incredible orgasm of our life. He came so hard for me. I then heard a thud from across the hall. “Get out,” I told my boyfriend as I motioned towards the window, and the footsteps of my father’s boots grew louder, closer, “no.. just get under the bed!” Johnny slid under the bed as I pulled up my pajama pants, his cum seeping out of my pussy, the smell of sex in the air, and Daddy swung the door open. “OH! Hey, Daddy,” I tried to act innocent but he knew there was a boy in the house. He looked at the open window and assumed the boy was gone. I breathed a sigh of relief for him, but I was terrified because I knew the drill, I was to be punished.

I dropped to my knees and took off Daddy’s belt as he watched me. This is the same routine that we’ve did when I’ve been too naughty, and oh– I have been naughty too many times to count. I slid off my pajama pants and Daddy saw my bare pussy, “where’s your underwear?” I covered myself with my hands, “I, uhm.. don’t wear panties anymore,” I lied. I have been buying sexy panties for two years now, even though I am not allowed to wear them. I hide them in the back of my closet and hand wash them in the upstairs bathroom so Daddy doesn’t know about my secret naughty lingerie collection. He pressed his lips together sternly and did not respond, I looked closely at his face to understand if he was even madder that I didn’t wear panties, but his face was cold and emotionless. I bent over his knee, hoping to get the spanking over with. Daddy took the thick belt in his hand and raised it over his head, he pulled his arm down violently, the leather slapped against my delicate porcelain skin and made a cracking sound that made my boyfriend gasp under the bed. I tried to stifle my cries, I know they only upset Daddy more, and I take my lashings, two, three, four, and oh God.. why is my pussy wet? Am I feeling horny? My clit is swollen and my pussy is aching, my ass is stinging as he lashes me with the belt, whap, whap, whap! I look over my shoulder and Daddy is reaching into his pocket. I can’t see what’s in his hand, I’m distracted when his other hand spreads my ass apart. “Mmmph!” It’s possible he knows my secret, he can see my private area, and he knows now what my most intimate place looks like, and does he like the look of it? Does he know that I have shaved the little bit of hair that grows there? Does he see the inner pink petals inside my lips? Can he tell that I am wet? My face is flush and my heart races, I feel Daddy’s big hands slide up and down my pussy and ass. I hear myself moan, just as I do for my boyfriend; I can’t repress it, it’s instinctual, and then I feel his finger press against my ass, the other presses against my clit, the pressure as he pushes inside my virgin ass is intense, and it hurts but it feels good, he presses deeper, deeper, he slaps my ass, and I wonder if I did something wrong? I bite my lip. He presses a finger into my pussy, and into my ass, and then he tells me to “turn over.” I watch his face as he fingers both of my holes, he takes the crystal plug out again and I know it will go inside of me. I gasp as it stretches me, he presses it deeper, deeper, his eyes are focused on my tight little ass, and I let go all of my fear. Daddy will take care of me. He fingers my pussy as he presses it deeper yet, and then once it is in, he plunges it in and out of my tiny little pink asshole. I try not to cum, I know he is punishing me in a brand new way, but I can not help it. I guess I am just inherently a bad girl. I wonder if I get that from my Mommy, and I shake the unpleasant thought off. My legs are now pulled in, I’m clutching them against my body, ashamed of myself, what I make Daddy have to do, and my nudity, as Daddy is ruffling through my closet. He pulls out my dress, a sweater, and some shoes, “wear this, keep the plug in at school. We will talk again when you come home tomorrow.” I swallow hard and wait for his next instruction, it never came, he left and slammed the door in annoyance.

My boyfriend popped up under the bed and I shoo-ed him to the window. He wanted to know if I was alright, and what the hell was all of that he saw? I assured him that I was fine, and that the best thing for him to do was get the hell out! I told him, “If Daddy comes back in here and sees you, you’d be history!” When John went out the window, I looked at his face, it was full of concern for me. I tried to care about his concern; I searched my brain for words that would make him sleep easier, but they didn’t come to me. It was as if I no longer cared as much about Johnny anymore. I have Daddy, and oh– Daddy will do something incredible to me when I get off of school. It’s scary, exciting, and unimaginable. I turn off my bedside table lamp, I smile as I feel the butt plug inside of me, still stretching me, preparing me for what’s next.

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