Missax – Game Night – Lyra Louvel

Lyra is on her phone while her brother is on his laptop. Lyra rolls her eyes at how impersonal and boring life has become since they’ve been allowed to use the internet. “Hey brother,” she calls to him, he feels pestered and ignores her, she waves her arms at him, “heeey! I’m so bored,” she complains. Their parents are out of town and Lyra is feeling naughty, we should play a game! He rolls his eyes at his annoying little sister, she leaves to grab the cards, a bottle of and returns with a naughty smile. He hates to admit that it sounds good to take a break from the monotony of social media and sports pages. “Mom’s gonna slaughter you if she finds out you stole her vodka,” he warns her. She shrugs it off and lays down the rules of the card game. Whomever loses takes a shot.

After a couple of shots Lyra was feeling more sarcastic than usual, while her brother’s eyes were watery from the buzz. She makes a jab at him for being a light weight and he leaps at her, tickles her stomach. Lyra giggles and tries to get away from him, he grabs her waist and pulls her in closer, she is so ticklish that her body thrusts up and down like a fish out of water, causing her to land on her knees. She crawls away and he stumbles in to tickle her stomach but grabs her breast! She gasps and looks at him. The next couple seconds passed by as if it were an eternity. She wondered if he had meant to grab her breast? She flirted with him, he must have noticed how she wore her itty bitty shorts just for him, her perfect ass peeks out of the hem of the shorts perfectly, she bent over for him, oh-so-causally, and his cock twitched as he averted his eyes. Feelings of shame, lust, and shock rush through her body as her eyes are locked with his during these seconds. His jaw hung open, his eyes wide, and she broke the silence, “I.. uhm.. I’m.. going to bed.”

The brother stayed downstairs with the bottle. He was horny, embarrassed, but the more he drank, the more he justified his feelings for his sister. He finished the bottle, stumbled up the stairs, and saw his hot sister in bed wearing her panties and tank top. He needed to show her exactly what she does to him. Watch the story unfold.

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