MissaX – Leana Lovings – Daughter’s Secret

Stepdaughter Leana (Lovings) has a date with “Macdaddy69”, a VIP client of her boss Mistress (Missa X in a voice-over role), who runs a high-class girlfriend experience service. Her stepdad (Ryan Driller) also has a date and wants his stepdaughter to watch out for her mom. Leana sweetly rolls her eyes at her stepdaddy. She’s an adult who has college and a very demanding work schedule, although she can never tell him exactly what that line of work entails.

Both of them are quite surprised to discover when they arrive at the scheduled assignation that “Macdaddy69” is actually her daddy, and his “date” Julia is actually Leana. She needs to show her boss that she is fulfilling her duty or get in big trouble with her boss Mistress, who monitors the action via surveillance cameras, to protect her girls from harm.

She starts off giving him a lap dance, and defends her work, which is paying for her college education. She also allays daddy’s fears about the safety of working in this sort of job. Both of them keep their motions seeming natural, for the benefit of the camera and watchful Mistress, with her calling him “Daddy” considered role-playing for Mistress’s benefit. Yet intimacy escalates from pretend-sex to something much more -reluctant daddy gradually giving in to the inevitable, as she murmurs: “You smell so good, daddy. Can I please put it in my mouth? Can I lick it?”. Watch the taboo romance deliciously unfold…

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