MissaX – Mandy Flores – She Hulk Anger Management (Part2)

Part 2 (Futa): 6 years later she has a professional job. Everyone doubted her ability to finish college given her anger problem, but she has proved them all wrong, and is now 2 years deep into a professional job. She works for a law firm, and her boss expects a lot from her, he demands she finish an obscene amount of work for one night. She flops her papers on the table, sighs, and calls out for her man, “how am I ever going to finish all of this in one night?!” She feels the frustrations inside of her build. She’s been working so hard, she hasn’t had a day off in months, she lays her head on the sofa and starts to breathe.

She knows that the transformation is starting to take place. She tries to talk herself down, to calm down, so she can keep her sanity. She can never remember what she does when she transforms. Her frustrations get the better of her. She transforms into the She Hulk, her eyes glow a fiery red, she starts to welcome the change. Her clit starts to swell, grow, she rubs her pussy, “oh god, this is new..” She knows that an orgasm will bring her down.

She finally reaches an earth shattering orgasm. Her skin starts to transform back to human, from sexy emerald green to her human tan, olive tone. She becomes human again, she breathes, the transformation shaking her into an afterglow.

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  • The video is really fascinating and magnificent I just wonder wether there will be more videos like that She hulk transformation 🧐🤔More videos wouldn’t be bad

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      we have already uploaded some of “she hulk” videos on this website, you can find them in transformation category