Includes: Complete control over haughty, goddess-like cocktail waitress (played by Josette Duval), stripper Missa’s voice goes under control, then her body, and finally her mind, fucking and creampie for TWO girls

My name is Candy, Candy Cuntington is my full stage name. I’m working at the hottest nightclub in the city called “Honey’s,” I’m one of their best girls so they give me my own room in back, and escort their most valuable clientele in the back rooms. I dance in a confident and cool way, I know whomever they put in the room is a big spender, and I’ll be taken care of. I recently got my good friend, Josette, to waitress here at Honey’s.

Josie’s been having some money troubles, but things are looking up for her. She just landed a record deal and she’ll be famous as soon as her pop album comes out. Josette’s a proper lady and she likes that she is anonymous in the back room in the nightclub. I always request the management put her to work in “my” room, so I can keep an eye on my best friend. She’s an innocent girl, and I don’t want her corrupted in a dirty place like this. I’m almost 10 years older than her, and I feel it’s my duty to mother her a little bit, make sure she is taken care of and happy.

On Josie’s second day of work as a waitress a man wearing black comes in. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, and he makes my heart flutter a little bit, but there is one BIG problem, he doesn’t tip. He’s not tipping me, and Josie tells me that he’s not tipping her a dollar, not even one dollar after he’s had six beers already.

I lean in and tell him that he had better start tipping if he wants to stay in the club. He “at the very least” must tip the waitress. He tells me he wants to see Josette work the pole. I scoff, “Josette Duval is NOT a stripper, she’s a talented singer, she’ll be famous soon. She won’t get naked.. and for you, loser, you’ve got to get out.” I look over my shoulder and see Josette topless swaying sexily and mindlessly on the revolving pole. “Josie, Jo… snap out of it babe.,” I snap my fingers in her face. I see the man in black lean forward in his chair he pulls out a vibrator. I try to scream for help, but all I can do is whisper. I lose control of my legs next. He controls my hands and I am forcing Josette to orgasm. I apologize to my dear friend.

Before I know it he has us both taking off our panties. I try to break free of the spell. I try to break Josie out of the spell. He fucks me first, thrusting in and out of me as I steady myself on the pole. Josette’s sweet virginal lips beg for his cock. I beg him to have mercy in between my pleasure moans. He fucks both of our tight, wet holes. He manages to cum ropes and ropes of cum in both my pussy and Josie’s. My mind is brought into a deep trance when he is done with us. He makes his escape as I wake up, Josie wakes up also, we’re in a pool of our own cum and his, and we are so confused. “What the hell happened to us,” Josette sighs in disbelief. We’ve been mesmerized, and our assailant is on the loose to strike again

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  • Behn 1 year ago

    can you by any chance upload Pupper Master Portal (redux)? 🙂

  • BigFan 1 year ago

    love the work you guys do here. I’m always excited to check what new and interesting videos you guys upload here (and godfather and hypnoporn). Unfortunately it looks like this link is dead. Is there any way you guys could reupload the link? If not I understand you’re busy and look forward to seeing future videos.

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      sorry man as you said we can’t, we are managing a lot of domains, absolutely there is no time, sorry again